US Withdraws International Treaty Over Case of Jerusalem Embassy - TNBC USA

The United States decided for leaving an international treaty linked to the top United Nation court after their move towards the Jerusalem through the Israel embassy, faced a tough challenge by Palestine.

It was the recent drive which is taken by the US administration over the international justice system in the ruling period of US President Donald Trump who violently rejected the authorization of the International Criminal Court at United Nations.

John Bolton, the security adviser of Trump, informed that the US  was departed from the rules regarding the separate International Court of Justice in The Hague which evaluates the controversies between the nations.

He also told  to the reporters at the White House, “ This is in connection with a case brought by the so-called state of Palestine naming the United States as a defendant, challenging the move of our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.”

According to Bolton, the US was quitting the 1961 Optional Protocol and Dispute Resolution to the Vienna Convention to the Convention of Vienna which institutes the International Court of Justice as the “compulsory jurisdiction” for solving the disputations until the nations have been convinced to settle the issues between them elsewhere.

Bolton informed the US will be considered as the part of the incorporated convention that institutes the International Court of Justice and “ we expect all other parties to abide by their international obligations”. Last year Trump broke the persistent international pattern declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel through the shifting of the embassy.

The proceedings longly withstand by the ex-US presidents who expected to acquire a settlement through negotiation outraging the Palestines who want to get the holy city as their capital.

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