US Teen Received Award For Essay on Gun Violence, Killed By Random Bullet Firing At Home - TNBC USA

According to the police and the local media, a 13 years aged Milwaukee girl who got an award for an essay based on the mourning gun violence in the city, has lost her life for random bullet firing inside her home.

The girl, Sandra Parks accepted a third-place cartouche for an enclosure she wrote in 2016 for the writing competition in Milwaukee, in which she expressed her grief about the “ little children are victims of senseless gun violence” in the  Midwest city, and she also spotted “ chaos almost every day”.

Quoting a criminal complaint, the local television station said, Parks was murdered in her bedroom while an outsider man shot at “an unknown target” using the assault-style rifle. The mother of the girl, Bernice Parks, told “ She didn’t cry. She wasn’t hollering. She was just so peaceful. She didn’t deserve to leave the world like that.

On the accusation of the girl’s death, a 26 years aged man Isaac Barnes was imprisoned as he was accused of first-degree violent shooting with a terrible weapon and other crimes. The 27 years old second man named Untrell Oden was also imprisoned and charged for keeping dangerous firearms at his home. He was accused of being a criminal in keeping a gun.

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