US Should Not Allot Any Aid To Pakistan Until It Stop Backing Terrorists - TNBC USA

Indian-American ex-US envoy to the UN , Nikki Haley told that harbouring the terrorists is not a new thing in the long history of Pakistan but the United States should take the significant diplomatic move for the suspension of the aid of dollar to Islamabad until they toughen their military moves to the terrorists, in a statement praising about the Trump administration  in the US for remarkable restraining the financial aid to the country.

Ms. Haley, who has initiated a new policy group ‘ Stand America Now’ that will emphasize on the diplomatic moves on how to safeguard the national security of the United States, for a prosperous and strong future of the international alliance. She told openly, that while the US allocated aid to the nations, “ it is more than fair to ask what the U.S. gets in return for our generosity”, but by choice, Pakistan opposed the US position on several terror attack issues at the UN.

Indian-American envoy to UN Ms. Haley wrote in the op-ed ‘ Foreign Aid Should Only Go To Friends’, “ In 2017, Pakistan received nearly $1 billion in US foreign aid, the sixth most of any country. Much of the aid went to the Pakistani military. Some went for road, highway, and energy projects to assist the Pakistani people”.

She also added, “On all key votes at the UN, Pakistan opposed the American position 76 percent of the time. Much more troubling, Pakistan also has a long history of harboring terrorists who have killed US troops in Afghanistan ”.

The former Governor of South Carolina, Ms. Haley added that the Trump Administration has “ already wisely restricted assistance to Pakistan, but there is much more to be done”.

Ex-US envoy to UN, Nikki Haley has formerly criticized  Pakistan ruthlessly for not to take the rapid significant move to eliminate the terrorists from their country that become aggressive to kill American soldiers while receiving billions of dollars in form of foreign aid from the US.



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