US Settles Welded Steel Pipe From China and India - TNBC USA

The Trade Commission of US International said it had decided that American producers were being mistreated by the imports of reliable welded steel pipe with large diameter from India and China, a detection that seals in duties on those products for five years.

Last month, the Commerce Department said that the imports were being wrongly sponsored and discarded in the US market, and it declared duties to secure domestic producers.

The final determination of ITC that UC producers are being affected to establish those duties will persist in place.

The US trade probe, which concealed welded carbon along with alloy line and structural steel pipes with a diameter larger than 16 inches, started after an appeal from a group of US producers held privately.

In 2017, the imported large-diameter welded pipe from India and China were appraised at an estimated $29.2 million and $294.7 million, respectively.

The ITC told in its statement, it did not discover that imported stainless steel pipes from India and China generated the same injury.

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