US Prosecutors Urge Jury to Prevent Escape Plan of El Chapo - TNBC USA

The federal prosecutors of America pleaded to a New York jury to arrest Drug Kingpin of Mexico named Joaquin “ El Chapo ” Guzman, claiming the “ avalanche of evidence” anchored over the past three months established his guilt.

In more than six hours of ending the arguments, American assistant attorney Andrea Goldberg carefully encapsulated the case of her team against the former boss of Sinaloa cartel, who confronts life in jail being convicted on the charge of trafficking, keeping illegal firearms, and the charges of money laundering. Jurors heard the attestation from 56 people, including 14  former employees of Guzman who were shown hundreds of documents, and heard dozens of phone calls between the charged drug king and others. They also read interrupted text messages and letters had been written from the prison.

US assistant attorney Andrea Goldberg told, “ We’ve presented an avalanche of evidence”the jury board consisting 12 members under the attentive eyes of 61-year-old Guzman, draped in a dark suit, and, his ex-beauty diva wife Emma Coronel.

Two years ago, repatriated to the United States, after two attempts of breathtaking escapes from the prisons of Mexico, Guzman stands charged with stealing $14 billion over a quarter-century.

According to the US assistant attorney Andrea Goldberg, “ Why did he escape? Because he knew he was guilty”.”He wanted to avoid being sent to the US… He wanted to avoid sitting right there, in front of you. ”

Goldberg added, “ In the opening arguments, we told you this case was about drugs, money, and violence”.

He added, “ Over 25 years, the defendant rose through the ranks to become the principal leader of the Sinaloa cartel. His goal was to distribute as many drugs as possible to the United States, his goal was to make millions of dollars in profits.”

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