Diplomats and Ambassador of United States, Nikki Haley said that the US President Donald Trump will lead the United Nations Security Council meeting in this month in Iran in the yearly convention of the world leaders in New York.

Mr. Haley has condemned Iran accusing them of intervening in the wars between Syria and Yemen. According to the diplomats, Iran would appeal to explore their opinion at the 26 th September council meeting in the United Nation General Assembly Hassan Rouhani the Iranian President is expected to present speech addressing the assembly on 25th September. The Iranian UN officials did not respond in a comment of the request.  

Deputy UN Ambassador of Russia, Dmitry Polyanskiy said the Iran meeting should focus on the execution of the resolutions of 2015 on Iran.

Polyanskiy told the council, according to the international nuclear deal of 2015, “ We have very much hope that there will be views voiced in connection with the US withdrawal .”

In May, Trump evacuated from the differentiation between Iran and the six world powers who targeted to restrain the examination of Tehran’s nuclear capabilities in return for boosting some sanctions. Trump ordered to reimpose the US sanctions which were suspended under the deal.

The issues of Iran is still considered as a subject of prohibition to the UN arms and other constraints of 2015 resolutions which incorporate the nuclear deal. The European leaders have been trying to preserve the deal.

In February, US-led bid vetoed by Russia for the Security Council to betray Tehran as they failed to restrict and control their weapons from going into the hands of Houthi group of Yemen and Tehran denied this accusation.

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