US President Likes the Nickname of New Leader of Brazil - TNBC USA

The US President Donald Trump favors the disputed new leader Jair Bolsonaro, especially by his nickname. Trump told in front of a crowd, “They say he’s the Donald Trump of South America, do you believe that ” at the American Farm Bureau Federation convention in New Orleans.

Bolsonaro sometimes called “ the Trump of the tropics” as an insisted enthusiast for the US leader. The ex-army captain who publicly praises the former military dictators of Brazil and their torture specialists basically appreciates his new nickname, which is lucky for the biggest country of Latin America.

Trump said, “ He’s happy with that. If he wasn’t, I wouldn’t like the country so much. But I like him.” Trump said Bolsonaro who took the oath to pressurize a close alliance with Washington after more than a decade of a leftwing rule in Brazil, is “a great new leader”.

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