US President Donald Trump to Accept Presidential Nomination in Florida - TNBC USA

On Thursday, some close officials announced that President Donald Trump will accept the Republican Party’s presidential nomination in Florida. The event was originally scheduled in North Carolina and the declaration comes after a row over coronavirus restriction with the governor.

Republican Party chairwoman Ronna McDaniel announced that the Republican National Convention will be shifted to the city of Jacksonville. The convention is a staple of American political theatre. McDaniel said, “Not only does Florida hold a special place in President Trump’s heart as his home state, but it is crucial in the path to victory in 2020,”

“we are thrilled to celebrate this momentous occasion in the great city of Jacksonville.”

The Washington Post said due to the earlier signed contracts, the national business convention will ramin in Charlotte, North California where the convention. It was originally scheduled to take place from Aug 24 to 27.

The decision to shift the location came after North Carolina Democratic Governor Roy Cooper refused to continue the convention expressing concerns about the mass gatherings during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“Because the current North Carolina COVID-19 restrictions would not allow for the celebration to occur in Charlotte and Governor Cooper would not work with the RNC to offer guidelines, the celebration of the nomination and the economic impact that goes with it must be moved to Jacksonville,” the Republican National Committee said in a statement.

Trump rebuked Cooper on Twitter and recently as Wednesday told a roundtable that the governor “doesn’t want to give an inch and what he’s doing is losing hundreds of millions of dollars for his state.”

In the 2016 election, Donald Trump achieved victory over the states of Florida and North California.  As per Real Clear Politics, Joe Biden is ahead of Trump with 48.2% of the vote where Trump got 44.8%.

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