US President Directs Government to Designate Artificial Intelligence - TNBC USA

US President Donald Trump directed the US administration to give greater significance to artificial intelligence, a move experienced as instigating a battle for leadership with China. The US AI Initiative executive order invites the administration to  “devote the full resources of the federal government” for helping fuel AI innovation.

According to the White House Statement, “ Americans have profited tremendously from being the early developers and international leaders in AI”. The statement included, “ However, as the pace of AI innovation increases around the world, we cannot sit idly by and presume that our leadership is guaranteed.”

However, the order stops the specific sponsoring, as well as the detailed strategy for the effective action of artificial intelligence. The move is executed amid the increasing concerns which alert China will demand the key areas of artificial intelligence in the United States, assisted by a broad national strategy and promoting investment.

The director of the Brookings Institution’s Center for Technology Innovation, told the White House move was “timely” but it remained unsettled how it would be implemented without certain sponsoring.

The director of the Brookings Institution’s Center for Technology Innovation told, “ The president sometimes launches initiatives that sound good but have the little actual impact”.

He also added, “ China is investing $150 billion by 2030 with the goal of becoming the preeminent AI country in the world. It is important for the US to keep pace because AI will transform many different sectors.”

The director of the think tank,  the Center for Data Innovation, which pursues technology issues, Daniel Castro offered a similar vigilant response. He included, “If the administration wants its AI initiative to be transformative, it will need to do more than reprogram existing funds for AI research, skill development, and infrastructure development. ”

Daniel Castro greeted the initiative but demanded a more competent AI strategy which covers areas such as digital free trade, data collection policies, and other issues.

Senator Marco Rubio stated the initiative as a “good start”, posting on Twitter.  He also added, “China is the most comprehensive challenge we have faced from a near-peer adversary in over half a century. Confronting it will require a comprehensive response. ”

The White House described the plan as “ unleashing AI ” by arranging more resources available to the researchers, instituting guidelines for the restrictions, mounting AI in education and developing US competitiveness.


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