The national security advisor of the US President Donald Trump told Washington took preparation for releasing the military leaders of Venezuela from penal approvals if they recognize opposition leader Juan Guido as the interim leader of South American nations.

US national security advisor, John Bolton posted on twitter saying, “ The U.S. will consider sanctions off-ramps for any Venezuelan senior military officer that stands for democracy and recognizes the constitutional government of President Juan Guido”.

Pleading to the officers to “make the right choice” and orientation with Guido instead of enemy surrounded Venezuelan  President Nicolas Maduro, the US National advisor told, “ If not, the international financial circle will be closed off completely”.

The remarkable orientation  with those of Trump, who promised in his State of the Union address boosted the pressure on the socialist government of Nicolas Maduro, claiming Congress that “ we stand with the Venezuelan people in their noble hunt for freedom.”

The US President rapidly recognized Juan Guido, the leader of the National Assembly of Venezuela, after he declared himself as interim President of Venezuela in the last month, and has not ruled out a military interruption in the crisis-savaged country.

Guido has been acknowledged by more than 40 countries. Trump has presented to adore the combat the fight against Nicolas Maduro, a leftist President prone to criticize the US foreign policy, who leads a collapsed economy in which food and basic supplies are insufficient and millions have escaped to the neighboring countries. The American Senator, Marco Rubio, whose parents were migrant in the United States from Cuba, whose communist government supports Nicolas Maduro, and also recommended Washington to offer protection for those who turn against Maduro.



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