US Model Soldier Trying To Help ISIS , Imprisoned - TNBC USA

An uncommissioned US Army officer stated by former colleagues as a one-time “model soldier” is due to be punished in a Hawaii federal court after begging guilty for supplying material assistance to the ISIS terrorist group.

35 years old Ikaika Erik Kang approved to a plea deal on four counts of splitting anti-terrorism laws in which he received a sentence of 25 years in prison.

Kang had begun conveying support for ISIS, appointed by the United States as a terrorist organization in foreign in earl Justice.

y 2016, according to the US Department of Hidden agents from the Federal Bureau of the investigation agency started a meeting with Kang earlier in this year, some of them present as members of the terrorist group.

Kang provided them with a military ambience and designated documents and agreed to teach them hand-to-hand battle in a video-recorded session he would be used to train other ISIS fighters, according to federal prosecutors.

Lawyers for Kang sent three letters for supporting in court on Monday which stated him as the adamant but withdrawn soldier who fights with his mental health.

Kang’s older sister, Erika Takahashi wrote that Kang developed in a “very abusive household”. She wrote, “I do not know when things got like this for my brother but I know he is a good person on the inside”.

Two soldiers who involved with Kang in air-traffic control at Fort Rucker military post at Alabama, wrote to Judge Susan Oki Mollway, pleading her to help Kang get counselling.

As a first supervisor at Fort Rucker, Thomas Maia called Kang “model soldier” but said he had concerned about the odd behaviour of Kang. This added starting at a wall for hours at end, claiming he was trying to hear the sound of his blood running through his veins.

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