US Man Wrote Before Death On Andaman Island “Satan’s Last Stronghold” - TNBC USA

John Chau travel last time to North Sentinel Island and he struggled with a sense of fear that his death might be imminent.

The 26-year-old American from Washington State, who had traveled to the island on a clandestine mission to convert its inhabitants to Christianity has wrote “ I’m scared, Wondering the sunset and it is beautiful-crying a bit.. wondering if it will be the last sunset I see”

A tiny tribe of hunter-gatherers who reject contact with the outside world, had not gone well. One teenager shot an arrow at him, which pierced his waterproof bible.

While returning to the Island and try again, galvanized by the feeling that he was God’s instrument.

Further the Washington Post by Chau mother “ Lord, is this island Satan’s last stronghold where none have heard or even had the chance to hear your name?

After Chau final trip to the Island shores, the fishermen saw his body being dragged and buried in the sand. Chau left 13 pages, written in pen and pencil, with the fisherman who has transported him to the Island.

This week Port Blair Police sent a helicopter and a team of officer by boat to assess whether it is possible to recover the body. U.S. diplomats are also in Port Blair to lend assistance.

A diary of Chau revealed a portrait of a young man obsessed with the idea of bringing Christianity to the Sentinelese, who number in the dozens and have lived largely without contact from the outside world for centuries, protected from visitors by Indian Law.

After knowing the fact that the mission was illegal. He wrote of maneuvering to avoid the Indian authorities who patrol the waters near North Sentinel Island. He stated in a description of the boat journey “ God Himself was hiding us from the Coast Guard and many patrols”

One of Chau associates, Bobby Parks, wrote his mother after his death, Chau had told no one about his plan to hire local fishermen to take him to the tribal area because he did not want to put others of his friends at risk.

North Sentinel Island- traveling at night to avoid detection by authorities- Chau wrote of seeing bio luminescent plankton under a canopy of stars as fish jumped in and out of the water like “ darting mermaids”

In a Kayak to the island, Chau tried to engage the inhabitants by offering gifts of fish, scissors and safety pins and singing “ worship songs”. A section of his diary is devoted to his impression of the Sentinelese. He jotted down details of their language (lots of high-pitched sounds) and gesture.

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