US man secretly fed bears ‘to keep them safe”, report Officials - TNBC USA

Over 10-years, a Virginia man was spotted has been secretly feeding bears “to keep them safe from poachers”- a violation of the US to “beer no-feeding” law, said Wildlife Authorities.

They further reported that they had recently spotted the mysterious case in Warren County, near Shenandoah regions.

Officers with Virginia DGIF (Department of Game and Inland Fisheries) has said that they had received repeated complains from the residents over the last decades in the Linden area, complaints of bear activity in the area.

Those bears had caused “thousands of dollars of property damage” to homes, they said. Experts had also set traps and tried to remove the bears, but found them always returned.

Officers with DGIF has eventually searched for the property of the man and found that he had a privacy fence, which has blocked the view of the place from the road. They continued that the convict aged 58-years but his name was not revealed and did not explains the reasons for withholding the bears.

The fence made it troublesome for anyone, including law enforcement to find out what he was doing for “many years” behind the fence, said the DGIF officials.

The convict had been “purposely feeding, and thereby conditioning, bears to human food sources on his property,” said the wildlife officials.

Officials continued that the convict US man later reported then that he had been spending more than $10,000 a year to feed the bears and “in order to keep them safe from poachers and help ‘sick and injured’ ones.”

Yesterday, DGIF officials report that the man had been charged with a misdemeanor and has been fined with $500.

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