US Man Punished 140 Years Imprisonment, Accused Of Threatening To Kill Donald Trump, Others - TNBC USA

A Connecticut man has been impeached after prosecutor claims he threatened to kill the President of United States, Donald Trump, and sent others bomb threats and mail contains suspicious white power, read the court documents.

51-year-old Gary Gravelle was accused on 16 counts, including that he has threatened the US President in September 2018 by sending him an envelope that contains white powder and handwritten text “You Die”.

Mr. Gravelle has also sent similar envelopes to a synagogue, a mosque as well as a chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), as per the impeachment.

The note reported that the white power was a bio-toxin but was harmless, said the official.

He has sent emails and phone calls threats to explode bombs in Washington, Vermont, and at several locations in Connecticut, which includes mental health facility and government buildings.

He was found guilty of all 16 counts and could face a maximum imprisonment of 140-years.

In 2013, the accused was previously punished for sending threats over communications and has been set free under federal supervision until his detention concerning the latest charges in 2018, reads the U.S. Attorney John Durham’s statement, on Friday.

It was not clear immediately if Gary Gravelle had a lawyer or not.

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