US Man Killed Former Roommate,Hides Her Body In Concrete - TNBC USA

Washington: For murdering women and hiding her body in a barrel concrete US man convicted. This week the first two scheduled in the state executions. The man was discerning as Troy Clark 51 who was sentenced to die for the 1998 murder of Christina Muse, a 20- year-old former roommate.

As per the inquest, Clark was a drug user and dealer, was accused of hitting Muse and then drawing her in a bathtub because he thought she was going to turn him into police. After killing her Clark hid the body in a barrel filled with concrete. The body was found several months later by Investigators and discovered a second body belonging to a man in the same place.

The culpability for the crime was continued denied by the Clark, and his defenders say that conviction is based too heavily on the testimony of a former girlfriend, which has changed several times.

First, the blamed come from the girlfriend as the dead man for Muse’s murder, then said she was behind the woman’s death. At last, girlfriend blamed Clark in exchange for a reduced sentence.

In a statement, Clark’s attorneys mentioned that mitigating circumstances were not considered in the case, including that their client suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

In addition, The Texas Department of Criminal Justice Clark was pronounced dead at 6:36 pm (2336 GMT).

There was another incident of Acker who was also convicted for murdering his girlfriend. Just like, he insists on his innocence.

Since the start of the year, the US state with the highest execution rate had already executed eight people.

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