US “Jihadist” Plotted to Attack White House:FBI

by Haimantee Ghosh January 18, 2019

Georgia State authority of US, have captured a 21-year-old man who sought to purchase explosives and an anti-tank rocket for the suicidal attack named “jihad” on the White House.

The US attorney of Georgia in the Northern District, Byung Pak declared the imprisonment of the arrest of Hasher Taheb of Cumming, in Georgia after pursuing a month-long investigation of FBI inflamed by a tip from the local community “ that Taheb had became radicalized”.

As per as the allegation, Taheb tried to appoint an informer and a confidential FBI agent into a plan for attacking the White House and other targets in Washington, including the Monument in Washington, an unknown religious assembly hall and Lincoln Memorial also.

Taheb expected to visit originally to the Islamic State-held region in the Middle East and desired to fulfil his ‘ target’ the conduction of jihad for becoming a “martyr”, according to the FBI source ‘s indictment.

As he had lost his passport,  Taheb told the informer it would be preferable to commence attacks inside the United States.

He met a confidential agent on 7th December in 2018 and disclosed a diagram which is hand-drawn and it portrayed the sketch of the White House West Wing, where the office of the President is located. In the ensuing weeks, Taheb described particularly what weapons to procure for the plotting and allotted the agent of FBI for reaping them: grenades, AT-4 anti-tank weapon with shoulder mounting facility, semi-automatic weapons and more.

His plan was for the triple attack launching jointly on what he pointed to as “game day”, incidentally detected in 17th January.

The indictment said, “specifically, he described his plan to use the AT-4 to blow a hole in the White House so that the group could enter ”.



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