US Island provides $130000 salary to take care of Lighthouse - TNBC USA

An island in California is offering an immense salary of $130000, split between two employees, to take care of a historic lighthouse-turned-inn, said media report.

The United States’ California East Brother Light Station is situated in San Pablo Bay, which is a part of the larger San Francisco Bay, an informed source on Tuesday.

The Lighthouse was established in 1874 with the aim to help sailors navigate the misty waters that surround San Francisco.

The lighthouse was automated in the 1960s, which is still functioning. The East Brother Light Station is owned by the US Coast Guard and is maintained by non-profit group East Brother Lighthouse Inc.

The lighthouse has been  West Coast bed and breakfast staple since 1979.

Local Mayor of California, Richmond, Tom Butt told the source that “I’ve been working on it for nearly 40 years and initially it was abandoned and we rehabilitated it and then we looked for some way to produce an ongoing revenue to maintain it.”

He is also the head of the non-profit making organization that runs the lighthouse.

“It’s in a unique location, it’s in San Francisco Bay on an island and it’s one of the few — may be the only — bed and breakfast inns that operates in a lighthouse on an island,” added Mr. Butt.

Funds incurred by the inn go towards restoration and maintenance of the historic lighthouse.

Meanwhile, the job applicants need to have previous experience in seafaring nature and hospitality, along with the US Coast Guard commercial boat operator’s license as well, as mentioned in the Rast Brother website.

Other job necessities include serving of high-quality food, ferrying guests, housekeeping from the mainland to the island.

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