US Forces Islamabad to Target the Terrorist Group Randomly - TNBC USA

One day ahead of the Secretary of United States, Mike Pompeo and the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford ’s halt in Islamabad, the Pentagon officials have said that Pakistan will be forced by America, to target randomly all the terrorist groups has taken shelter in their country.

Pentagon representative Lt Col Kone Faulkner  told The News International in a statement, “ Since January, we have consistently engaged with Pakistan military officials at the highest levels, based on both a shared commitment to defeat all terrorist groups that threaten regional stability and security, as well as on a shared vision of a peaceful future for Afghanistan.”

He added, “ We continue to press Pakistan to indiscriminately target all terrorist groups, including the Haqqani Network and we continue to call on Pakistan to arrest, expel or bring the Taliban leadership to the negotiating table. ”

The Pentagon officials also announced a clarification, “ The suspension of security assistance to Pakistan was announced in January 2018. CSF is included in the suspension and it remains in place.”

According to the report of  New International in earlier 2018, American president Donald Trump had postponed all the security-based assistance to Islamabad bringing a severe allegation against them, that Pakistan was not following the promised steps to restrain the terrorist activity against several terrorist groups.

Following their presidential orders, White House suspended aid of one billion dollars to Islamabad and also approached $300 million in the new annual budget which was again conditioned with the action against the terrorist group.  

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