US Engages to Convince China to “Behave Like A Normal Nation” - TNBC USA

The State Secretary of the United States, Mike Pompeo claimed that the United States was continuing a “multi-pronged effort to convince China to behave like a normal nation on commerce ” regarding the international injunction after giving the indication about 10 Chinese nationals who invaded to steal the aviation secrets.

During in a radio interview, Mike Pompeo addressed China’s behaviour as “inappropriate” in his speech indicating the matter of stealing the intellectual property and “not consistent with being a superpower or a leader in the world”.

He told in Brian Kilmeade Show, “ Stealing another country’s intellectual property, something China’s been engaged into the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, is just something China has to figure out a way to stop”.

In the Laura Ingraham radio show, Pompeo also told that the United States is facing China as the largest national security challenge which has been pushed back by Trump administration “on all fronts”.

He said, “ where the semiconductor piece fits in its part of a mosaic of our strategic effort to push back against this continued Chinese effort”.

He also added, “It is a multipronged effort on behalf of all of the United States Government, at the President’s direction, to convince China to behave like a normal nation on commerce and with respect to the rules of international law”.

According to the impeachment of A.U.S, the Chinese officials of the intelligence brunch schemed along with the hackers and the insider companies as a part of the hidden conspiracy for breaking the security of the computer systems of private firms for stealing the crucial information on a turbofan engine which is used in commercial jetliners.

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