The white cop from Texas who killed a black man in a shot while the man was unarmed, in his own flat. She was fired from her designation after claiming that she mistakenly thought the apartment washer and the black unarmed man was a trespasser so that she was confused in the darkness and shot him. According to the Dallas police officials, she is suspended for her irresponsibility which snatched an innocent life.

The irresponsible shooting inflames the protests which gradually became symbolic against the controversy of police brutality occurred in Dallas in the US. As the condemnation has been spiralled day by day the investigators are handling the case with more sensitivity.

In the meantime of administrative hearing, police chief U. Renee Hall concluded the employment of Amber Guyger.

The 30 years old Guyger is accused with assassinator for slaying Botham Jean who was a migrant from usSaint Lucia of Caribbean nation.

According to the police department, “ An internal affairs investigation concluded that…(Guyger) engaged in adverse conduct when she was arrested for manslaughter.” The added, “ officer Guyger was terminated for her actions.”

Guyger explained to the investigators that unfortunately, she reached in the apartment of 26 years old Botham Jean, which was one floor above her flat and mistakenly thought that it was her apartment, in the evening of 9th September after returning home. She clarified about the irresponsible shooting that in the darkness she got confused to see a figure who did not respond to her verbal threat.  

Jean’s family wanted the officer should confront “ a proper murder indictment ” and asserted that they were taking preparation for a death lawsuit against Guyger in the city of Dallas. The organization of Eastern Caribbean States stated in Monday, “ dismayed by the despicable attempts by some to smear the character of Botham Shem  Jean.”

The OECS said in a statement, “ It is an undeniable fact that Botham Shem Jean was shot and killed while in the sanctity and comfort of his own home.”

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