US Convict Pushed To Death In Electric Chair For Double Murder - TNBC USA

The Tennessee man who is accused of a double murder punished to death in the electric chair using a rare method rather lethal injection. In the last five years, the convict named Edmund Zagorski of 63 years old was the first murderer who is sent to death by the electrocution method.

Zagorski was given death for the 1983 murders. He tempted two men in a wooded area saying he would sell them marijuana. Two weeks later, the bodies of the victims were found shot slit from throats. The US Supreme Court denied the 11th-hour appeal for saving his life.

Only, nine states of US still use the electrocution method as a major form of punishment. This incident was set as the only electric chair execution of Tennessee since 2007.

Initially, the officials had premeditated to use the lethal injection, which is more common punishment, but while Zagorski challenged the three-drug cocktail procedure of the states which also includes the controversial narcotic midazolam. This midazolam has become the main choice of countless legal challenges in the death penalty cases because the solicitors contended that it can not prevent sufferings sufficiently during executions.

While the Supreme Court dismissed the challenge of Zagorski, he has been asked to push to death by the electric chair.

The leader of the Death Penalty Information Center which usually tracks the US executions , Robert Dunham said, “What we’re seeing in Tennessee is a direct result of the US Supreme Court’s macabre requirement that prisoners propose an alternative method of execution before the court will evaluate whether the method the state seeks to use is unconstitutionally cruel.”

He added, “It says a lot about the failures of lethal injection as a method of execution that a prisoner would opt for a method he considers to be a half-minute of torture instead of one he considers to be 18 minutes of torture”.


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