US Billionaire Accused Of Sex-Trafficking Found Wounded In Prison, Report - TNBC USA

Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire in the United States, was accused of sexual harassment of a teenage girl, was found wounded in prison after he attempted suicide, reports sources cites in several media.

Mr. Epstein was found semi-conscious with marks on his neck, informed anonymous law enforcement sources to media, including the New York Post, NBC New York, and TMZ

The injuries to his are not believed to be severe, it added.  

Guards are also investigation whether Mr. Epstein was the victim of a possible sex-traffficking as they probe together what actually happened. 

Last week, the US billionaire was denied bail, after he appeared at a court in New York, accused of one count of sex-trafficking of a minor and another of conspiracy to commit sex-trafficking of minors. 

If found convicted, Jeffrey Epstein will be punished with 45-years of imprisonment, 

In the ruling, Judge Richard Berman has cited the ownership of a private jet of Mr. Epstein, along with a false passport of Australia and $70000 cash amount was found inside his house, as proof that the billionaire has plans to skip the bail.  

His lawyers had argued that he should be permitted to remain at his house, fitted with an electronic ankle bracelet and under police video surveillance. 

Prosecutors claims that Mr. Epstein has sexually exploited a dozen of minors between 2002 to 2005 at his place in Manhattan, Palm Beach, New York, and Florida. 

Jeffrey Epstein was next due to appear before a court in New York on July 31. 

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