US Airplane Makes U-Turn, Human Heart Left On Board - TNBC USA

Chicago: An official has said that A Southwest Airlines flight headed from Seattle to Dallas turned back mid-flight after it as discovered that a human heart had been left on board.

It has been revealed that the plane was over eastern Idaho into the journey-when staff discovered the life-critical cargo shipment meant for delivery back in a Seattle hospital after being transported from California.

Dan Landson airline spokesman said “ Once we realized the error we immediately worked to return to Seattle”

The name of the company that shipped the organ airline does not reveal it yet or confirm any further details. But as per the Seattle Times report that the flight captain told horrified passengers the cargo was a human heart.

As per the experts, a human heart can typically be stored for between four and six hours for a transplant. However, the error is thought to have squandered four hours-three hours in the air.

A doctor with no connection to the incident, Andrew Gottschalk described fellow passengers shock as those with internet connection discovered the small window of viability for a heart transplant.

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