United States was alleged by Russia for using White Phosphorous in Syria - TNBC USA

On Sunday, Russia alleged the United States for carrying out bombing with the use of white phosphorous against Civilian areas’ military targets in Eastern Syria, which is restricted under International Law.

Russian General Vladimir Savtchenko in a statement said that “Two American F-15 planes carried out bombings on September 8 (Saturday) targeting the area of Hajin in the Deir Ezzor region using incendiary phosphorous ammunition.”

He continued that “these strikes resulted in fierce fires. We are clarifying the information concerning possible deaths and injuries.”

In Syria, ISIS manages a pocket in Deir Ezzor between Iraqi border and Euphrates River and also retains in the vast Syrian Desert.

An international coalition headed by the US is supporting a coalition of Arab and Kurdish fighters from the FDS (Syrian Democratic Forces) that have been conducting an illegal to oust ISIS for a month.

Russian army that became superseding military since 2015 in Syria is the help of the forces of its ally President Bashar al-Assad, who was alleged by Syrian Observatory in March for Human Rights of having to utilize combustible bombs during the region offensive against the rival stronghold of Ghouta, near Damascus.

United States was alleged by Russia for using White Phosphorous in Syria |US.tnbclive.com

As a ‘shameless lie’, Moscow rejects the allegation.

Under the Geneva Convention, using if white phosphorus is already restricted, to use against legitimate military and civilians targets in a region with a major civilian population.

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