United States Vice President Mike Pence Arrives In Ankara To Seek Peace In Northern Syria - TNBC USA

On Thursday, the United States Vice President Mike Pence has arrived in Ankara, where his delegacy is likely to demand Turkey stop its attacks against Northern Syria, during a scheduled meeting at 2:30 PM (local time) with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

However, the Vice President’s tour has been overshadowed by the release of a letter to President Donald Trump sent to President Erdogan, urges him “don’t be a tough guy, don’t be a fool” and to negotiate with the Kurds. After which the Turkish President has shortly launched cross-border operation. 

The Turkish attacks against the Kurdish-led troops have brought America-Turkish relationship into a breaking point and leading disorder in Northeastern Syria as the competing features scramble to fill the vacuum left by departing of the US militants. 

Hundreds of civilians and fighters have already lost their lives and ten thousand residents were forced to flee. 

On Wednesday, the United States’ Lawmakers have passed a bipartisan resolution criticizing President Trump’s withdrawal and called on Turkey to stop its offensive. Several bills passed containing powerful sanctions on Turkey have bipartisan support and are leading their way through Congress. 

President Erdogan has ruled out truce unless the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces demobilize along the length of the border East of the River Euphrates to a depth of 30 km inside Syria, amid to create what the Turkish has termed a “safe zone”.

However, with the US withdrawal, the government of Syria forces has gone to ket border towns after agreeing with the SDF to head off the Turkish attack. 

Moscow is a close ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad, also has sent its military troops to areas where Turkish-backed rebels face Syrian Government forces.

On October 22, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to visit Russian President Vladimir Putin weeks before his scheduled November 13 tour to Washington.

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