United States’ Venue Refused Mixed Race Wedding, Criticized - TNBC USA

On Wednesday, an event venue in the Southern United States has refused to host a mixed-race wedding of a couple, cited that the union went against its “Christian beliefs” in viral footage that has drawn a shower of criticism. 

The would-be couple – she white and he black – had been visiting Boone’s Camp Event Hall in Mississippi for several days, before receiving a rejection email of their request to hold the wedding at the facility.  

The groom’s sister visited the venue to ask the reason for rejection, recording an exchange in which the woman bluntly told her “We don’t do gay weddings or mixed race.”

When asked why, the woman replied: “Because of our Christian race, I mean our Christian beliefs.”

The video footage was published on September 2 by local news website Deep South Voice, which went viral and triggered a shower of criticism.

Following the episode, the Facebook page of the venue was taken down, but not before the woman has posted several excuses, claims that she had grown up in Mississippi where unexpressed rule dictated “staying with your own race.”

At the request of her husband, she said that she had searched the Bible for text supporting her notions on mixed-race weddings. 

She posted, “After searching Saturday evening, Saturday night, most of the day Sunday and sitting down with my pastor Sunday night after church I have come to the conclusion that my decision was based on what I had thought was correct to be supported by The Bible was incorrect!”

Marriage between whites and blacks was legalized in the United States of America in the 1967 Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia.

In 2016 Mississippi, which is situated in the United States Bible Belt, has passed a “religious freedom” bill allowing businesses to reject services based on religious beliefs about same-sex marriage or transgender people.

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