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On Wednesday, a California man was accused of murder for 2015 drowning of is two autistic sons, after he drove off a dock in order to collect on insurance policies.

Ali Elmezayen’s 8-year-old and 13-year-old were secured in the back of his Honda Sedan as it plunged off the commercial wharf in South of Los Angeles’ San Pedro. 

The 44-year-old man has been charged with his wife Raba Diab’s murder case. Mrs. Diab was saved by a fisherman, who was throwing a floating device to catch fish as the suspect dip to a ladder on the pier.

The eldest son of the couple, who suffered from a milder of autism, was away at a camp at the time of the tragedy took place.

Mr. Elmezayen was detained in November and kept under police custody without bail, also faces federal insurance fraud cases in link with the crash. 

The convict told investigators that he was not aware why he drove off the dock and have unknowingly pressed the accelerator instead of the brake or may have an “evil inside me that pushed me to go.”

The Egyptian National collected over $260000 from two companies, even though he told investigators that he had no life insurance policies of his two sons, reports the court documents. 

Authorities informed that he has transferred most of the amount to Egypt and around $80000 was seized from the bank account in the US. 

Ali Elmezayen faces trial on around two dozen federal charges, including wire fraud and mail, is ready to start from September 3. 

He will then be produced in the state court on the attempted to murder and murder charges for which he could also get the death penalty.

However, the office of prosecutors in Los Angeles has initially refused to file charges, referred to lack of proper evidence. But further investigation can lead to the updated indictment. 

When the federal charges were handed down in November, the US Attorney Nick Hanna said that “this case alleges a calculated and cold-hearted scheme to profit off the deaths of two helpless children.”

“The alleged conduct shocks the conscience, and we will use every tool available to us to ensure that justice is done,” added Hanna. 

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