United States Having “Very Good” Discussions With Taliban, President Trump - TNBC USA

On Sunday, the United States President Donald Trump has hailed progress in negotiations on a Afghanistan Peace Deal, claims that talks with both Afghan and Taliban Government are going well. 

President Trump told sources in New Jersey that “we’re having very good discussions with the Taliban. We’re having very good discussions with the Afghan government.”

Expectations are increasing for a peace deal in which the United States would commence withdrawing its soldiers from Afghanistan after around two decades of war, which has ground into a stalemate.

Washington is significant to end its involvement with Afghanistan, where it has already spent over $1 Trillion and President Trump has said that the start of his Presidency that he wanted troops out. 

In return, Taliban would commit to several security guarantees, including that the Islamist hardliners who long harbored Al-Qaeda won’t permit Afghanistan to become a jihadist safe haven.

However, the US-Taliban Agreement won’t itself bring an end to Afghanistan long-going War, as the rebel would continue to make deals with the Washington-backed Government in Kabul.

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