On Tuesday, the United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has criticized deadly violence during protests in Iraq and asked the nation’s government of “exercise maximum restraint”, said the State Department.

During a telephonic conversation with Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi, Mr. Pompeo has “condemned the recent violence in Iraq and noted that those who violated human rights should be held accountable,” informed the State Department.

It continued that “the Secretary lamented the tragic loss of life over the past few days and urged the Iraqi government to exercise maximum restraint.”

“Pompeo reiterated that peaceful public demonstrations are a fundamental element of all democracies, and emphasized that there is no place for violence in demonstrations, either by security forces or protestors,” it added.

Demonstrations in Iraq started with demands for an end to widespread corruption and continual unemployment but escalated with calls for a complete refurbish of the political system.

They were extraordinary because of their evident impulsiveness and independence in a deeply politicized society, which have also been wounded with nearly 100 people killed and 6000 severely injured in one week.     

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