United States Claims, “North Korea Mass Destruction Weapons Program Violates UN Resolution” - TNBC USA

On Tuesday, the United States State Department claims that North Korea’s overall program of mass destruction weapons violated UN resolutions, after President Donald Trump cancelled recent missile launches.

Selecting words with utmost care after the last words of the US President for North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus rejected to say if North Korea’s launches were of ballistic missiles or weapons of mass destruction.

She continued, “I think the entire North Korean WMD program, it’s in conflict with the UN Security (Council) resolutions.

Ms. Ortagus said that the US wanted a good relationship between President Trump and Jong-UN with an objective to “negotiate a peaceful end to the North Korean WMD program.”

“We have said many times and we will continue to reiterate that the economic sanctions will remain in place until we’re there,” she added.

When President Trump went to Japan for state visit, he tweeted that North Korea had tested “some small weapons”, which had “disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me.”

He further referred to his National Security Advisor John Bolton, who claims that there were “no doubt” that North Korea’s launched had broken the resolutions of United Nations Security Council.

North Korea did not waste any time piling onto Bolton, who has promoted a hawkish foreign policy, termed him a “human defect” and “war maniac”.

Earlier, North Korea has called for the Secretary of State Mike Pompe to be eliminated from negotiations after pressed President Trump at his summit with Jong-Un in Hanoi not to agree to sanctions relief without any action by Pyongyang in ending of the nuclear program.

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