United Nations Security Council To Hold Meeting Over North Korea’s Missile Tests - TNBC USA

On Thursday, the United Nations Security Council will meet behind closed doors to discuss the recent ballistic missile tests conducted by North Korea, said diplomats.

Germany, France, and Britain has requested the discussion amid rising concern that Pyongyang is developing long-range weapons in violation of the United States Security Council resolutions.  

On Wednesday, North Korea has fired two ballistic missile, said Seoul, days after the same launch that nuclear-armed North Korea has described as an alert to the South Korea over planned joint military drills with the US. 

North Korea is banned from ballistic missile launched under the UN Security Council Resolution but it was recorded the second in less than a week, despite a meeting between President Trump and Chinese President Kim Jong-UN in July.  

Washington and Pyongyang are engaged in a long-running diplomatic talks over North Korea’s nuclear missile launch program, which has seen three high-profile discussion between the leaders in the space of a year.  

They also agreed to resume talks during their unprepared encounter in the Demilitarized Zone, which divided the peninsula but the working-level talks has yet to start. 

Sources claims that “we’ll be having consultations on North Korea on Thursday morning. We’re going to discuss the latest missile launches that are violations of Security Council resolutions.”

A separate source claims that the discussion would form part of any other business, which is the last item on the agenda of a closed doors talks being held to mark the first-day of Poland Presidency of the UN Security Council. 

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