On Thursday the civil right group asked the federal judge to order the government for providing mental health counseling for around 2000 immigrants children in the United States. The request the American Liberties Union goes through a lead of a week full of hassle.

The immigration officials were unable to meet a court order before the deadline. “Must establish a fund to pay for professional mental health counseling, which will be used to treat children who are suffering from severe trauma as a result of their forcible separation from their parents,”- said the ACLU in court papers that were filed on Thursday evening.

However, as per the group, the cost of the fund was to be decided on a future date. A lawsuit was brought by the rights group. This enabled the judges Dana Sabraw in San Diego to curtail information. The separation policy was as a part of the government order to separate families at the border.

The family separation policy has brought the lawsuit that popped up towards the U.S Judge in San Diego in June. The US President Donald Trump’s attempts towards retrenching illegal immigration. However, it ended after the practice last month after the protests have reached the masses. Nearly 50% of the children have been separated due to safety issues as per a report by the court.

The Sabraw’s June 26 order packed quirks that were towards parents who deemed unfit or a danger to their children. Furthermore, the counseling rights groups also asked the judge to order the government in order to provide an explained walkthrough.

For struggling with the reuniting process the government has raised questions among five children if it has any coherent plans for reuniting the remaining families.

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