Two US Marines Were Arrested For Allegedly Migrant Trafficking Of Mexicans - TNBC USA

Two US Marines were arrested for allegedly smuggling undocumented Mexican migrants into the United States in exchange for money, said a court statement. The statement also said that the two US Marines, Byron Darnell Law II, and David Javier Salazar-Quintero, have been detained on July 3 along the Mexican border in Jacumba, California.

They were accused of transporting three undocumented migrants about six miles over the border. The three Mexicans were sitting in the back of the Marines’ vehicle and they were prepared to pay $ 8,000 “to be smuggled into the United States,” although it is unclear to whom they would have paid the money.

The court documents alleged that the two Marines were “knowingly” transporting the migrants into the US  “for the purpose of… private financial gain.” The Marines were stationed at Camp Pendleton near San Diego.

During the hearings, both the men have accused each other of responsibility in the matter. Salazar said that Law originally got him involved with smuggling while Law said that Salazar received directions to the pickup location via a cell phone. Marine spokesman First Lieutenant Cameron Edinburgh told the Marine Corps Times, “We continue to cooperate fully with the investigative efforts into this matter.”

Earlier also same kind of incident happened where the US military members got charged for allegedly helped the migrants to enter the US. According to the US Border Patrol, near about  700,000 people illegally crossing into the United States from October to June.

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