Two HIV Positive US Air Force Personnel Prosecuted Military For Terminating Them - TNBC USA

The tests for the HIV positive was not easy at all. Getting thrown out of the military by the Air Force because of the recognition proved even difficult. So, two US air force personnel took legal action against the Defence Secretary Jim Mattis in the district court in US, for the Eastern District of Virginia , claiming that the decision of Pentagon in the last month to sue them from the force as their HIV positive status breaches the equal protection of the constitution and federal law. They have appealed the court to hit down the decision.

Both active-duty air force personnel went through medical checking for HIV in the last year during Air Force evaluations. After they initiated antiviral treatments and their doctors count them for respiratory problems and physically fit to locate, and their commanders supported their relentless service. They proposed to follow prolonged careers in Air Force after being designated personnel for more than a half of decade in maintenance roles and logistics.

In the last month, the two air force personnel accepted the verdict that they are not counted for military service and also would be terminated for their less fitness. The logical reason: The US military prohibits the personnel who are HIV positive posting to the Middle East, where most of the Air Force members are assumed to go.

The personnel contend against the complaint and said, “ Policies singling out service members living with HIV for starkly different treatment are an unfortunate vestige of a time when HIV was untreatable and invariably fatal”. They added, “These anachronistic policies are no longer justified in light of modern medical science. ”

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