Two Died, Roads Flooded, Flights Halted In Houston Due To Tropical Storm Imelda - TNBC USA

At least two were killed in Houston after Tropical Storm Imelda poured torrential rains over the area. The rescuers in boats pulled hundreds from flooded cars and the airport temporarily halted flights and tens of thousands of people lost power. Imelda made landfall as a tropical storm near Freeport, Texas, on Tuesday.

From Thursday evening, heavy rains had abated and throughout today morning flash flood continued. Rescue teams are still working to save stranded motorists and those trapped in homes late into the night as floodwaters were slow to drain off. 

In an announcement, the National Hurricane Centre said on Thursday that up to 45 inches of rain will have fallen in some area by the time the storms blow off on Friday afternoon. Ed Gonzalez, sheriff for Harris County later informed the death due to the storm. 

On Thursday, he tweeted that he was at the scene where first-responders tried to save a man who had driven his white van headlong into deep waters. Describing the picture, Gonzalez wrote, “The water level was about 8′ (8 feet) high.”

“The driver paused briefly, then accelerated into it the water, causing his van to go under,” he added. 

According to a statement on the Facebook page of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, the other victim of the storm was electrocuted southeast of Houston while trying to move his horse to safety.

Near about two all flights were canceled by George Bush Intercontinental Airport and Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster covering more than a dozen countries. 

After Houston’s main roadways flooded, hundreds of motorists were stranded in their vehicles submerging many cars. Police, firefighters, and ordinary citizens were out in boats and all-terrain vehicles to pick up people trapped in their homes by the rising waters.

The storm knocked out power to around 100,000 people in Houston and southeast Texas, informed energy companies. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner stated that the city was well prepared to rescue stranded residents and deal with flooding. 

Another small town of Houston, Winnie was also badly affected by the storm. Several officials were rescued from Riceland Hospital. Close to Winnie, various parts of a major east-west highway Interstate 10. 

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