Two Died, Others Wounded At A Shopping Mall In San Francisco - TNBC USA

On Tuesday, two people were shot dead and two others were severely wounded when a gunman opened fire at a shopping complex in San Francisco of San Bruno, before escaped on an approaching train, reports source.   

The injured men were lifted to San Francisco General Hospital, injured with gunshot wounds in their lower bodies in now at stable condition, San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini informed source at a late afternoon conference.  

He said, “It was a senseless act,” adding that opening fire in a public area in shopping mall near BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Station illustrates a “true disregard for human life.”

Two others were offered medical aid at the spot for minor wounds they suffered in escaping from the hands of unknown gunmen.  

The Police Chief said that the department are in search for one or possibly two gunmen, who run away from the spot by getting on a BART train, which headed for Oakland.

The shopping mall in San Bruno is situated at south of San Francisco, was immediately closed after the gun-firing, added police source.   

The BART authority claims that one of its commuter stop was shut down as a safety measure after the gunfight.

More details are awaited.

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