Two Died After Roller Coaster Carriage Detracked At Theme Park In Mexico - TNBC USA

Two people have lost their lives and two others badly injured after a roller coaster missed its track at a popular theme park in Mexico City, reported source. The unexpected accident took place on September 28

It happened on the Chimera Ride at the Feria de Chapultepec in the Mexico City of Miguel Hidalgo, said source. 

Video footage shared on social media appears to show one of the roller coaster’s carriages coming off the path. Eyewitnesses informed the local source that the victims fell to the ground while on the ride.  

The coaster’s carriage that struck with a metal structure is also a part of the Chimera Ride, claims sources. 

The fair has posted a message on its social media page, saying that it “deeply regrets the terrible accident that occurred,” and is also offering support to those affected.

Its statement continued, “Together with authorities, we are carrying out the pertinent investigations.”

Mexican Secretariat for Integral Management and Risk told sources that “this is now in the hands of the Prosecutors’ Office who have already opened inquiries for an investigation into what happened, how did it happened, who is responsible and how to proceed moving forward.”

Hence, most reports are suggesting a mechanical issue that leads the carriage to become detarcked from the ride and fall 10-meters to the ground.  

It is informed that two have lost their lives due to head injuries and two women were lifted to the hospital – one of them is in a serious condition. 

In a Twitter post, the Mexican Theme Park has said that it “deeply regrets the terrible accident” and has started a probe over the incident. 

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