Two American Fighter Jets Conducted Pre-Planned Airstrikes In Northern Syria - TNBC USA

On Wednesday, two US-based fighter jets have conducted pre-planned airstrikes targeting an American ammunition storage bunker in Northern Syria to destroy explosive materials and other equipment left behind followed by the withdrawal of its troops from the nation, informed the US defence officials.   

Myles Caggins is a spokesperson from the US-led military coalition fighting against ISIS troops, has said that the pre-planned airstrike was conducted by two F-15E at the cement factory to demolish ammunition storage, and lessen the facilities of military usefulness, said sources. 

The pre-planned airstrikes were conducted to avert the ammunition and other equipment from falling into the control of armed groups. 

The Lafarge Cement Factory is situated between Ain Issa and Kobina, which is near to the Turkish Border. The ground has served as the base camp of the de facto Defeat-ISIS Coalition in Northeastern Syria. 

The development was reported days after the United States President Donald Trump has announced the withdrawal of the US-based troops from North-East Syria amid Turkey’s military attacks against the Kurdish forces.  

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