Trump’s Top Court Nominee is Accused of Sex Assult - TNBC USA

Being discharged under two severe allegation of sexual misconduct the Supreme court nominee of US President Donald Trump claimed Monday that no one was sexually assaulted by him as he remains a virgin for many years after his high schools.

As a part of the collaborative and unfavourable response by the White House and Brett Kavanaugh against the backing calls to keep his nomination on hold, in a telecasted interview the federal judge appeared next to his wife where he handed over the intimate details about his youth.

Kavanaugh told to the Fox News, “ I have never sexually assaulted anyone, not in high school, not ever. I have always treated women with dignity and respect.”

At the moment of the allegation, he also directly represented a clean cheat image of his character as a part of defence professing his virginity that seemed fundamentally perished due to the accusations

He said, “ I did not have sexual intercourse or anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or for many years thereafter. And the girls from the schools I went to and I were friends.”

The indicator of Kavanaugh have claimed that they were sexually assaulted by him, but surprisingly they did not bring any allegation of-of rape or unwilling sexual intercourse.

Ashley, his wife who was a one – time secretary of US president George W.Bush, said she supported her husband’s clarifications of the events. She said, “ It is really hard to trust…This is not consistent with Brett .” She also added, “ It had been very difficult to discuss the developments with their daughters.”



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