Trump Visits a Mask-Making Factory in Phoenix, Refused to Wear a Mask - TNBC USA

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump acknowledged, more Americans will die in reopening the US economy. But he highlighted his insistence on a dwindling coronavirus threat by refusing to wear a mask, though he visited a mask factory. Trump was asked whether lifting the ban on social distancing may cause more fatalities, he replied, “it’s possible there will be some.”

Since the coronavirus lockdown started, the President for the first time visited the Honeywell factory in Phoenix, Arizona. 

 “Will some people be affected badly? Yes,” he admitted earlier at the factory. “But we have to get our country open.”

Trump’s November re-election campaign has been postponed for the massive shutdown in the country in an attempt to combat the spread of the virus. Over 70,000 have already died from the deadly virus and the number is rising continuously.

Trump praised the Honeywell workers who produce masks for medical staff and other first responders. He said that it is the time to look ahead. Trump’s audience at Honeywell sat masked in compliance with US government recommendations and their own company rule. But, Trump has been skeptical about masks since earlier on.

First Lady Melania Trump also promoted masks as a crucial tool in fighting the viral spread. However, Mr Trump has used his massive visibility to downplay the need. “I think wearing a face mask as I greet presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens, I don’t know,” he said in April.

According to polls, Democrats support covering face as a sign of shared responsibility, while some Republicans consider wearing a mask as a big government threat to individual liberty. 

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