Trump Tweeted Clip of Him Singing At the Emmys For the Farm Bill - TNBC USA

The year is almost over, but we have ultimately reached peak 2018. Here is the strange spectacular we never realize we needed to encapsulate these times: President Donald Trump tweeted a legally tiresome communication, at least by his standards.  He wrote, “Farm Bill signing in 15 minutes ”, alerting his attendant that he was about to resign on legislation that Congress passed earlier in this month. But then he included a video of himself presenting at the 2005 Emmys alongside actress Megan Mullally, in a skit in which the pair drift on the “Green Acres” theme song.

So, the decade-plus-old performance of the President have to do with the bill of a farm, one might ask? Well, see, in the skit, Trump is wearing overall garments which is an item of clothing worn by the farmers. And he is detaining a pitchfork, which everyone knows is an implement in the agricultural field used by said farmers.

In the television award ceremony of 2005, Trump portrayed “Green Acres” character , a Manhattanite who tosses city living for the pleasures of the country, while “Will and Grace” star Mullally took the Ava Gabor role of the wife who just wants her  Park Avenue lifestyle back that Mullally changed the “Times Square!” lyric to “Trump Tower!” in distinction of her duet. Mullally lodged shock and maybe a little agitation on the same social media platform. Her first message was a brief “omg” which is very much the reaction of everyone who saw it too. Next, she wrote, “if you guys need me, I’ll be in a hole in the ground ”.

From another pol, the tweet seemed to be a playful, self-deprecating bit. But Trump does not really do amusement, and certainly not the kind jabbing fun of himself. So let’s uncover what is going on here.

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