Trump Prepares Version 2 State of Union Speech During Shutdown Concerns - TNBC USA

The White House is counterfeiting with State of the Union preparations despite no commitment from White House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and D-Calif for holding the annual address at the capitol, further boosting the political tit-for-tat between the two leaders as the federal government remains moderately closed.

The US President Donald Trump is editing two versions of the speech – one that could be transported in Washington and another that would be held somewhere else of the country, based on the circumstances, according to a senior official of White House. Meanwhile, the administration is trying to oversee the advance work for preparing for an address in the House chamber, originally scheduled for 29th January, even though Pelosi has the power to dictate whether Trump can do so.

The current fight over which is usually a tedious process is unrolling as few progress is being made toward finishing the partial shutdown which began 22nd December. The Senate hinted votes for later this week on contending measures to reopen contended federal agencies, although neither bill is expected to advance.  

The White House Representative Hogan Gidley told, “ Nancy Pelosi does not dictate to the president when he will or will not have a conversation with the American people”. He added, “ The President has an incredible story to tell about how far we’ve come in this country economically, in a national security capacity.” Hogan Gidley charged Nancy Pelosi, “ trying to play politics with that venue”.

Last week, the White House speaker sent an official letter to Donald Trump, making a request that he postpone the speech of the State of the Union, mentioning the security factors which could leave a strong impact on the budget standoff on the Homeland Security Department. Dismissing the address while the shutdown impedes would also refuse Trump the circumstances of the annual event where Presidents execute their agenda for the coming year before national spectators.


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