Trump May Announce National Emergency To Prevent Usage of Huawei Equipment - TNBC USA

US President Donald Trump is pondering an executive order in the new year to announce a national crisis that would prevent US companies from using the telecommunications equipment imported from the renowned companies ZTE and Huawei from China, according to the three familiar media sources.

As the most recent step of the Trump administration for reducing Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and ZTE Crop, which are pondered as the biggest equipment network companies of China, except for the US market.

The United States brought allegations that the two renowned companies work based on the instruction of the Chinese Government and that equipment could be used to espionage on the Americans.

Since more than eight months, under the consideration, the executive order could be emerged as early as January and would instruct the Commerce Department to prevent US companies from the purchasing equipment from the foreign market of telecommunications that remark the risk factors of national security, origins from the telecom industry according to the administration.

As per the information of the media source, which did not disclose the name of Huawei or ZTE claimed that it is assumed that Commerce officials would decode it as authorization to restrict the spread of equipment made by the two companies. The sources said the message for the order has not been concluded.

The executive order would cite the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, a law which provides the President with the authority to control commerce in response to a national emergency that intimidates the United States.

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