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There is an account forming about the Mueller report. It says US President Donald Trump would be in a lot of trouble right now if those around him actually forced what he told them to do. By fundamentally ignoring the boss on potentially impeding acts, the account holds, these assistants may have saved the US President himself.

No need to say, this is not the kind of account of a proud man like the US President. So, he did what he always does on stuff like this: Refuse it, no matter how absurd the refusal might be.

The US President assured on Monday morning at the White House Easter Egg Roll, “ nobody disobeys my orders”.

The Mueller reports encompasses many occurrences of appointees refusing to distribute the orders of the US President. Here they are going through which ones literally involved orders which advisors overstepped. Towards the bottom of the list, we have also included the previously known incidents of top appointees refusing to follow the orders of the US President.

White House counsel Donald McGahn: refused to tell Deputy  Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for firing Mueller.

Former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski: Refused to apply pressure on Attorney General Jeff Sessions for limiting the of the Russian investigation. Deputy Chief of Staff Rick Dearborn refused to give Sessions a typed remark Lewandowski provides him broadcasting the message of the President.

Staff Secretary Rob Porter refused the request of the US President for asking the No.3-ranking official at the Justice Department, Rachel brand, whether she wanted to be a general attorney and take surveillance of the Russian probe.

Transition team leader Chris Christie refused to call FBI Director James Comey and inform him that the US President liked him.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein refused to do a news conference after firing of Comey claiming it was his idea.

Deputy national security adviser KT McFarland refused writing an internal email describing the US President had not told the national security advisor Michael Flynn to discuss during the Presidential transition to the Russian ambassador about the sanctions.

National Intelligence Director Daniel Coats: refused the request of Trump’s administration to claim there was no link between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Acting Attorney General Dana Boente refused the request of the US President to state publicly that President Trump was not under the probe.

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