Transgender, Gay Detainees Bring Allegation Of Abusing Against Detaintion Center At US Border - TNBC USA

Gay and transgender individuals captured at a substantial immigration and Customs Enforcement custody center in New Mexico have confronted both verbal and physical abuse and were sent in solitary prison after complaining about it, as per to a complaint lodged from the civil rights groups sent to the US agency on Monday.

The letter from judiciary for the American Civil Liberties Union, Las Americas Immigrant  Advocacy Center and the Santa Fe Dreamers Project asserts that 12 gay and transgender detainees at the Otero County Processing Center, a 1,000-bed facility about 30 miles North of this border city, regularly experienced sexual harassment and misuse from other detainees, and  that patrols assaulted them verbally and the ICE officials breached their own regulations in refusing hormone therapy to the transgender detainees. They also proclaim that they were placed in solitary prison after complaining about their treatment.

The letter also stated, “ ICE’s practices at Otero have created an unsafe environment for transgender women and gay men who are detained there”.

The ICE officials refused to comment on the specific accusations in the letter, but representative Leticia Zamarripa told the agency follows the national standards of advanced medical care and regulatory policies to care for the transgender detainees in its custody.

Zamarripa told, “ ICE is committed to ensuring that those in our custody reside in safe, secure and human environments and under appropriate conditions of confinement”.

A 21-year old Honduran man who recognizes as gay told in an interview that he had to suffer sexual harassment continuously and molestation by the other detainees after reaching the Otero facility in December. He commented on the condition of not to disclose his name because the matter of being gay is unknown to his family lives in the United States.

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