Top Aide of Trump Administration to Resign, Day After US First Lady’s Direction For Removal - TNBC USA

The White House declared on Wednesday, after the direction of firing by the US First Lady Melania Trump, Deputy National Security Advisor Mira Ricardel will resign from her post at White House.

The press secretary of White House, Sarah Sanders informed, “Ricardel is leaving her post and will “transition to a new role within the Administration”.

The news is disclosed after one day of the direction by the office of US First Lady explaining that “she no longer deserves the honour of serving in this White House”. National Security Advisor John Bolton knocked Ricardel in April to assist him as his deputy accosting her, “track record of successfully managing teams and diverse organizations, as well as addressing complex issues”. Ricardel served for her previous post as an undersecretary of commerce and also overlook the responsibilities of the positions of Defence and State Departments.

But according to the sayings of the former and current officials, Ricardel frequently involved in clashes with the Defence Secretary Jim Mattis, rebuked people in the meetings often, screamed at professional staffs and lastly involved in the argument with the US First Lady.

The officials of the White House said that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly had researched for a long time to dethrone Ricardel and the Defence Secretary of the State Jim Mattis told the advisors about his planning to out Ricardel from White House.

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