Thousands of Migrants Who are Expelled By Violence and Poverty March to Reach US - TNBC USA

The convoy of migrants around 5,000 from the districts of Central America stretched their massive group in the main highway which is more than a half mile across the city.

They expressed the reasons of escaping from different disasters in various accent and most of them were suffered from unemployment in the part of Honduras, a raising political crisis in Nicaragua and also in the Guatemala where they have feared that their children have no future. There were also the expelled people of the country. For decades and years more than dozens of migrants who lived in the United States, also joined in the convoy to recommence their old job, as well as reunite their children. They were unimpeded by the authority of USA who imprisoned them or the president of the USA who prevents them to enter again.

Some of the migrants had returned spontaneously to their home country long ago but gradually they realized that there was nothing for them.  Recently they were roaming Mexico after the tweet of President Trump about their trip, that the migrants can apply for the asylum in Mexico before continuing the north also terrorizing them to close the US border as the authorities of Mexico presented to allow the caravan for proceeding.

Job Reyes of 36 who had spent his teenage years and childhood in Los Angeles and also attending high school there, said, “ It is time for me to go back to the United States. It is a country where I can live my life, unlike Guatemala.”

He disclosed that he had returned to Guatemala while his visa had been expired 14 years ago. He took a job at a call centre for Metro PCS, the cellular service provider. He earned $500 per month. Each time while he received a call from the customer the flashback of the American city where the client lived appeared on his mind. He usually searched the name of his leaving city and gazed at the monitor.

Inner Anthony Fuentes of 29, who was expelled five months ago from Birmingham of Alabama where his son still lived with his US girlfriend, has expressed the same reaction.

Donald Trump has controlled the illicit immigration as a keystone in his presidency.


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