The US Proposed For Next Level Discussions With North Korea: South Korea - TNBC USA

South Korean President, Moon Jae-in claimed on Wednesday, the United States plays a role for a third summit with North Korea and has approached working-level negotiations which have been hindered since the second such summit in February.

Moon Jae-in said to the questions of the foreign journalists, that there was no way to discuss a deadlock just because there was no official dialogue, targeted at the denuclearisation of North Korea. 

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un organized their second meeting in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi in February but failed to reach a deal due to differences between the US calls for denuclearisation and North Korean demands for relief from sanctions.

Moon also said, “both sides have been engaged in dialogue in regard to a third summit ”. He also added, “ It’s noteworthy that the behind-the-scenes talks have been preceded by the mutual understanding of each other’s position gained through the Hanoi summit.”

North Korea followed nuclear and missile programmes for years in resistance of UN Security Council resolutions and UN sanctions.

For ending conflicts, Moon has clashed efforts vowing to play a mediator role in jabbing North Korea into leaving its nuclear weapons in exchange for an end to sanctions and security guarantees.

The breakdown in Hanoi was a storm for Moon, who offered to “ease the burden”  of the United States before the summit by providing discounts to North Korea through inter-Korean economic initiatives which he requests to recover.

Moon did not define when and how the US proposal was made. But State US Secretary Mike Pompeo said that a recent trade-off of letters between the US President and Kim uplifts expectations for a recommence of discussions, calling it a “very real possibility”.

North Korean official news agency said that the letter of the US President contains an “excellent content” and Kim would “seriously contemplating” it, without explaining.

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