The US President’s Threat To Expel “Millions Of Illegal Aliens”, Inflames Firestorm - TNBC USA

The threat of the US President to start expelling “ millions of illegal aliens” next week prompted heated rhetoric on both sides of the political division of US, with Democrats alert the US President was fear-trader ahead of his launching of the reelection campaign launch.

Liberal lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went so far for accusing the US presidential administration of operating “ concentration camps” at the border, where a rush of migrants has all but overwhelmed US officials capacity to hold them.

US President took the oath to have Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrest and remove undocumented migrants “as fast they come in” – a move which could interrupt thousands of families.

The statement drives the controversial issue to the front part as the Republican leader and his Democratic opponents ramp up their presidential campaigns. The US is confronting massive gang violence as well as poverty after reaching the illegal migrants from the Central American nations tormented by gang violence and poverty. The numbers have throttled the abilities of the US authorities to give shelter temporarily and process them.

The US President has called it “an invasion” and has made the fight against illicit migration a central deal of his administration. The timing of his tweets, the night before knocking his reelection campaign at what pledged to be a rebuking evening rally in Orlando, Florida, strongly recommends he is highlighting it as a theme of his 2020 bid.

Several Democrats, along with those seeking to challenge the US President for the Oval Office,  pitched criticism at his comments and charged him of indulging to his conservative base.

White House Speaker, Nancy Pelocy, Chief Democratic rival of the US President  in Congress, outraged the threat as “ an act of utter malice and bigotry, designed solely to inject fear in our communities.”

Former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, the only Latino in the Presidential race, charged the US President of “ spewing racist lies and fear-mongering about immigrants.”

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