In South Carolina, a 17 years old teenager and his mother filed litigation case against the math teacher of 27, Jennifer Olajire -Aro as the teenager student is sexually molested by the teacher who threatened him repeatedly saying that if he refused to receive the torture his grades will be decreased.

Through the proceedings, the fact of this molestation case has been revealed partially which really inflames the anger against the school administration. According to the information, this sexual torture had become so direct, obvious and public that the teenager student started to avoid the classes of Jennifer at Burke High School in Charleston because he was totally aware that the other teachers and the administrators and his classmates were silent after knowing all the matters between them. This forcefully sexual torture episode ended in December when the student refused to have sexual intercourse with Jennifer and she directly diminished his grade from 98 to 89 out of a hundred, according to the litigation.

The teenager student and his mother also accused Aro’s employer and higher administration of Charleston County District School charging the officials as they did not take any legal step of investigation rapidly after knowing the foul history of Aro’s sexual misconduct in the district.

In the Charleston County Circuit Court, a litigation action case was filed on the separate molestation dispute against the employee of a different school, who was promoted repeatedly even being accused in the matter of viewing child pornography on the school computer. This employee was convicted later for tormenting two students sexually.

Mark Peper who represents the teenage students, commented, “ They would know about the prosperity of their employees to have some type of sexual exploitations, and therefore they were all on notice, It is just clear to me that they just did not care. It is just they just did not care. It is just a complete lack of oversight and supervision from the district itself. It is a pattern.”

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